One thought on “Cliffs of Fall”

  1. I am beginning the process of typing the rough draft of Cliffs of Fall from my handwritten drafts of chapters and scenes. I plan to try to dictate it with Dragon Dictation rather than type from the chicken tracks as I heavily edit the handwritten scenes. No one else could interpret them and maybe when it comes time to read them out loud I won’t either.

    I have most of Cliffs and Obsessions finished, much of Swan Song and a good start on Tree. I will give a brief summary of each in my next post, for now the Quartet is the life of Marcus Langley, heir to an industrial dynasty who becomes, inter alia, a bisexual lawyer, then college professor and finally Oscar winning actor (with interludes as a bookstore clerk, bartender, and gay whore).

    I would venture to say it is the greatest Cleveland/California/New Zealand bisexual erotic novel ever written. Since I no of no other novels in that category that is a pretty safe bet.


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