Maybe it’s not me…

I tried to copy the comment which was supposed to be a new post.

Could not do it.

So let’s start all over again until I can either find a tutorial to figure out why WordPress doesn’t work like any program I have used in 30 years, or find another blog host.

This site is SUPPOSED to be called Cliffs of Fall. I chose a theme, and applied it, but that’s not what I see when I go to the page.

It’s SUPPOSED to be about my quartet of novels, Curriculum Vitae. The four volumes are Cliffs of Fall, Lethal Obsessions, The Good Tree and Swan Song. They are the life of Marcus Langley, heir to an industrial dynasty, lawyer, college professor and eventually Oscar winning actor.

Remembered why I give up on blogs….

…I pick a theme, I make the first post, and then I can’t figure out either how to do another post or how to tell anyone how to find it. Then I forget the name I gave it and forget about it till next time I get the urge to start a blog. I’m not stupid, I’ve done print production pre-computers, word processing, desktop publishing and web page design…is it WordPress’s format, or is it me? Why can’t I figure out WTF all that stuff on the side means? All I want to do is post and add photos. This is not rocket science.